Privacy Policy

Due to changes in privacy legislation and GDPR, we have updated our privacy policy to comply with these changes. Please read the updated privacy policy below, and for any queries email admin@prettycleverthings.com

How does the change affect you? 

  • The changes in privacy policy will not change or affect the way you browse our website, purchase or receive products. 

What are your rights?  

The changes in the new privacy legislation lays out the following rights for customer's data:

  • The right to access - individuals have the right to request access to their personal data and ask how their data is being used. 
  • The right to be forgotten - individuals have the right to withdraw their consent for a company to use their personal data and therefore have the data deleted. 
  • The right to data portability - individuals have the right to transfer their data from one service provider to another. 
  • The right to be informed - individuals must be informed before data is gathered and must have to opt in for their data to be gathered. Consent must be freely given rather than implied.
  • The right to have information corrected - individuals have the right to update date if it is incomplete, incorrect or out of date.
  • The right to restrict processing - individuals can  request that their data is not used for processing, their data can remain in place but not be used.
  • The right to object - individuals have the right to stop the use of their data for direct marketing purposes.
  • The right to be notified - individuals have the right to be notified of any security breaches which may compromise personal data within 72 hours. 
  • Pretty Clever Things are committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information received from you. We strictly adhere to the requirements of the data protection legislation in the UK. The purpose of this statement is to explain to you what personal information we collect and how we may use it.
  • When you make an enquiry, we need to know you full name, email address and phone number. When you place an order, we need to know your full name, billing and shipping address, email address, and phone number. This will allow us to respond to your enquiry and process your order.
  • Through placing an order with us, you are consenting us to obtaining your information for the sole purpose of the services provided. We will not use your data for marketing campaigns unless you give us permission to do so. However, it may be used for data analysis.
  • We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party for commercial reasons.
  • Your data will be held for seven years, in compliance with UK regulation. If you believe us to be handing your data incorrectly, then you are within your rights to contact the ICO regarding said matter. 
  • If you choose to withdraw your personal details, your data will be manually removed from our company databases and any hardcopies will be destroyed.
  • We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access in accordance with the UK data protection legislation. We do not collect sensitive information about you except when you specifically knowingly provide it. In order to maintain the accuracy of our database; you can check, update or remove your personal details by emailing admin@prettycleverthings.com.
  • We use a technology called "cookies" as part of a normal business procedure. Cookies are small text files that are created by a web server and stored on your computer when you visit a website. They don't do anything i.e. they are not executable code and can only be read by (you and) the website that created them. You can view and edit the cookies on your computer like any other text file using a text editor (the contents are usually just strings of unique identifiers and date / timestamps). The website that created the cookie can read the contents when you are at their website.
  • Cookies are widely used across the internet: you may have hundreds of cookies on your computer at any one time. Each browser has its own set of cookies so, if you run multiple browsers, you will have multiple sets of cookies on your computer. Many websites use cookies to improve your browsing experience e.g. remember your log-in details, record which items you have selected to purchase, or even tailor what content is displayed depending on your preferences. Cookies can also be used to record 'analytics' data i.e. which web pages you visit, whether or not you arrived at the web page by clicking on an advertisement or an affiliated website. Many websites find the collection of analytics data valuable in improving the quality and content of their web sites. We use cookies solely to ensure the smooth running of the website.
  • All the major browsers allow you to block cookies and delete those that have already been created on your computer; usually within the 'Tools' section of the browser. These tools allow you to specify which cookies you will accept by type and often by specific websites using an exception list e.g. you can block all cookies and then list the website from which you will accept cookies. There are also a wide choice of browser add-ins that you can install if you wish greater control over persistent cookies.
  • We will not transfer your information outside the EEA (European Economic Area).
  • If you have any questions about privacy, please send us an email at the following address: admin@prettycleverthings.com.